Comprehensive In-Home Care Services For Your Loved One

We understand that you want the best for your loved one, and our in-home care services offer just that.

Our compassionate caregivers are here to provide the care and support your cherished family members rightfully deserve, right in the safety and familiarity of their own home. Contact us today to learn how our senior care services can make a difference in your family's life. Reach out to us today!

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Specializing in 24-Hour Live-In Care

For those who require round-the-clock assistance and support, we specialize in 24-hour live-in care. We offer companionship and security, allowing your family members to maintain their independence and dignity within the familiar confines of home.

Compassionate Companionship for All Ages

We extend our care to individuals of all ages who seek living assistance within the familiar surroundings of their own home. Our dedication knows no bounds, and we're here to provide emotional support and genuine connections.

Empowering Independence and Personal Growth

We help your loved ones reach their full potential. Our commitment is to help them fully embrace life, foster independence, and nurture their overall well-being. We acknowledge that every individual harbors distinct aspirations, and we stand by their side every step of the way.

Dedication To Client Satisfaction

Our pursuit of leadership in client dedication, integrity, and in-home care commitment remains steadfast. We set these high standards because we recognize your expectations for your loved ones.


Alzheimer's Care

Enhance your loved one's quality of life with our alzheimer's care. Our program features highly trained caregivers who bring personalized routines and engaging activities to enrich their lives.

Dementia Care

Embrace a brighter tomorrow with our dementia care services to uplift seniors' lives who are living with dementia. Our compassionate caregivers create personalized care plans, provide engaging activities, and cultivate a supportive atmosphere to enhance cognitive function and overall well-being.


Companionship services aim to combat loneliness and isolation among seniors. We have dedicated caregivers who offer friendly companionship, meaningful conversations, and engaging activities to brighten your loved one's day.

Errands & Grocery General Shopping

Simplify your days with our errands and grocery shopping assistance. We take the hassle out of daily tasks by assisting seniors with shopping, prescription pickups, and errands.

Facility Care

Our facility care services provide support to senior residents in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or other care facilities. We have a team of dedicated caregivers who enhance the quality of life for residents by offering personalized care and assistance.

Light Housekeeping

Seniors deserve a clean and clutter-free living space. Our caregivers help maintain tidy homes by assisting with light cleaning tasks and organization, ensuring a comfortable environment.

Meal Preparation

Our meal preparation services for seniors focus on providing delicious and nutritionally balanced meals. You can count on our caregivers to cook mouthwatering and health-focused meals as per your loved one's dietary preferences and any specific restrictions.

  • Nutritious and tasty meal preparation for seniors

  • Customized meal plans based on dietary needs

  • Accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions

  • Ensuring seniors receive well-balanced and satisfying meals

  • Promoting health and well-being through proper nutrition

Medication Reminder

Medication reminders help seniors stay on track with their medication schedules. You can rely on our caregivers for gentle medication reminders, precise dosing, and detailed medication record-keeping.

  • Reliable medication reminders to ensure compliance

  • Tracking and recording medication schedules

  • Reducing the risk of medication errors

  • Promoting health and safety through proper medication management

  • Peace of mind for seniors and their families

Pet & Plant Care

Seniors who love their pets and gardens can rely on us for assistance. Our caregivers provide pet care, feeding, and plant maintenance, ensuring well-being and peace of mind.

  • Assistance with pet care and plant maintenance

  • Ensuring pets receive proper attention and care

  • Keeping plants healthy and vibrant

  • Enhancing the bond between seniors and their pets

  • Providing comfort for seniors and their furry friends

Recreational Activity

Recreational activities focus on bringing joy and fulfillment to seniors' lives. You can rely on our caregivers to plan and facilitate enjoyable activities to foster a positive and engaging atmosphere.

  • Engaging recreational activities for seniors

  • Promoting social interaction and happiness

  • Customized activities to suit individual interests

  • Creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere

  • Enhancing the overall quality of life for seniors

Rehabilitation & Recovery Care

Our rehabilitation and recovery care services empower seniors to regain their independence after surgery, illness, or injury. With personalized support, rehabilitation exercises, and assistance, we help them get back on their feet.

  • Personalized support as per individual needs

  • Assistance with rehabilitation exercises and therapy

  • Promoting a safe and comfortable recovery process

  • Facilitating a return to independence and well-being

Respite Care

Our respite care services offer much-needed relief to families caring for elderly loved ones. Take a break while we ensure your loved one receives the attention and care they deserve.

  • Respite care services offering temporary relief to family caregivers

  • Experienced caregivers providing compassionate care

  • A chance for family caregivers to rest and recharge

  • Ensuring your loved one is in safe and capable hands

  • Supporting families in their caregiving journey

Post Op Surgery Care

Our post op surgery care services assist seniors during their recovery period after surgery. You can trust our caregivers to offer support, monitor post-operative instructions, and ensure a successful recovery process.

Post Hospitalization Recovery Care

Post-hospitalization care is crucial to help seniors transition smoothly from the hospital to home. You can depend on our caregivers to provide essential support, medication management, and assistance with daily activities to ensure a successful recovery.

4 To 24 Hrs Care

Whether it's around-the-clock care or occasional assistance, our caregivers are there to provide the level of support required. Our 4 to 24 hours care services offer flexible and reliable support to seniors based on their individual needs.

Non-Medical Transportation

You can rely on our caregivers to provide reliable transportation to appointments, social outings, and errands. Our non-medical transportation services provide safe and convenient travel options for seniors.

TLC In Home Care offers non-medical home care services to seniors across Placer County, Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Yolo County, and the surrounding areas.